Selecting a Meeting Facility

Where would be the best place to host your meeting? Examine the needs of each meeting and function when making this decision, such as the size, concurrency and room set up.  

Function, Time Schedules & Program Planneres:
Use a separate function sheet for every meeting and meal planned.  Be sure and give a copy to all meeting facility and catering personnel. Click here to download a function worksheet. 

Number of Meeting Rooms:
Decide the conference program to determine the number of meetings and if they are concurrent. Also, determine the size of rooms needed for meal functions, special events and exhibits.

Assignment of Specific Meeting Rooms:  
Ask for a scaled diagram of the facility’s layout to determine the best room for each function. Meeting facility personnel are the best source for confirming your decisions or making suggestions of their own.

Lighting & Acoustics:  
Lighting, furnishings and acoustics play a significant part in every successful meeting. Check to see if any adjustments need to be made.

Tables, Chairs & Stage Set-up:  
Using your scaled diagrams determine setup of tables, chairs and stage. Note whether or not you need tablecloths, skirts, water stations, etc. Ask what the charges are for each item and what the set up fees are.

Liability Insurance:  
Check to see if liability insurance is required of you prior to signing contracts with a prospective meeting facility.

Equipment Services:   
Does the facility require you to rent their equipment or can you need to rent it elsewhere?

Catering Policies:  
Ask about the facility’s catering policies as every facility is different. Most hotels require that you utilize their banquet and liquor caterer.

Facility Regulations:   
Make sure you know all the meeting facility’s policies to alleviate any last minute surprises.

Liability Insurance:   
Do you need to purchase liability insurance for your meeting space or is it provided by the facility.

Release of Meeting Rooms:
As soon as you have everything aligned, release all unneeded meeting space.